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At, our goal is to make the accident claim process as simple as possible for our clients. When you contact us, one of our experienced local solicitors will provide you with a completely free consultation, without any obligation. Your local personal injury solicitor will help you every step of the way, explaining the entire claims process to you.

Types of Claims Handled by our Injury Lawyers

We handle a large number of accident claims from clients throughout the UK. If you have suffered any type of personal injury because of the negligence of a company or an individual, can help you receive compensation for your injuries.

Accidentclaim.comAll of our injury lawyers work on a no win no fee basis. This means your compensation claim will be made without any financial risk to yourself. Your accident claim solicitor will handle the case for you, and even if your accident claim is not successful, you will never have to pay a penny.

One of the most common type of personal injury claim we are asked to assist with are road traffic accidents. However, we help people following all sorts of accidents and injuries, including work accidents, clinical negligence, car accidents, industrial diseases and slip and trips. If someone else is at fault for the accident that has resulted in your injury, you are entitled to claim compensation. At, we will help you every step of the way.


We have a network of experienced injury lawyers in locations throughout the UK, all of which provide legal advice on a no win no fee basis. Unlike some firms which specialise in only certain types of accidents, such as road accidents for example, we have solicitors that can assist you with all types of claims. So whether you have been injured whilst on holiday, have been the victim of a criminal injury, have had an accident at work or have suffered due to medical negligence, we can put you in direct contact with an experienced solicitor that can help.

Some of the other benefits of choosing are:

No Win No FeeNo Win No Fee – All of our injury lawyers work on a no win no fee basis. No win no fee simply means that in the event that your claim is unsuccessful (i.e. no win), you will not have to pay any solicitor fees (i.e. no fee).

100% CompensationMaximum Compensation – All of our solicitors provide a maximum compensation guarantee. This means that you will receive the maximum amount of compensation that is awarded to you for a successful accident claim..

Free ConsultationFree Consultation – All clients that contact us are provided with a completely free legal consultation. The purpose of this consultation is to discuss the circumstances of your accident and subsequent injuries in order to determine whether or not you are actually entitled to pursue a personal injury claim.

Free Legal AdviceFree Legal Advice – During your free consultation you will be able to receive free legal advice directly from an experienced local personal injury solicitor. You may have questions about the process of making a claim, your legal rights to pursue a claim, potential levels of compensation, etc.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident which has caused personal injury, you may be entitled to get compensation by making an accident claim on a no win no fee basis. Contact us to start your claim today!